Upcoming Meetings/Events

Join us at an upcoming ASTA/NACTA event:

ASTA Legislative Day| Washington DC, May 7-8, 2018
ASTA Global Convention | Washington DC, Aug 21-23, 2018
NACTA Annual Conference| Washington DC, Aug 23-25, 2018
NACTA Room to Cruise| Carnival Pride, Aug 26-Sept 2, 2018
ASTA Miami to Sea Preview Nov 12-15, 2018

Welcome Message & Announcements

Welcome to the San Diego Chapter of ASTA!

Welcome to the San Diego ASTA chapter.  We work closely with our local ASTA Small Business chapter, so together, we can support the local travel industry both locally and nationally. Together we are like no other.  The important work that this team does benefits each of us and is focused on protecting travel agency owners as well as travel advisors. 

To support our industry please consider donating to ASTAPAC, the ASTA Government Affairs Team works tirelessly for our members throughout the country, vigilantly monitoring legislative proposals, protecting travel advisors’ interests in the halls of Congress, and organizing grassroots support on the advisors’ behalf within state legislatures.  Success on the political front only happens when members like you become involved and commit to our legislative efforts. Your voice does make a difference - and we need your support! 

About Blurb

The San Diego Chapter of ASTA is an official chapter of the American Society of Travel Advisors, located in San Diego, CA. We are a chapter that consists of frontline advisors, agency owners, executives and suppliers. Our national membership represents 80 percent of all travel sold in the United States, ASTA is the organization for anyone related to the travel industry!  Our goal is to work together to create meaningful and beneficial relationships for all members to ensure our respective businesses thrive and flourish, while protecting our clients the traveling public! Expand your world - "We'll Take You There."